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Review: Meat and Greek

How did I find this little beauty?

The Goodsheds officially opened back in August 2020 and whilst all of my friends and family were bursting with excitement to try out all of the different street foods on offer, I thought I’d be disappointed with the oh so common “Sorry there’s nothing suitable for you to eat” when asking about the gluten free options available.

I walked from stall to stall and although my chances were super slim with most offering fried or breaded foods, I still had a glimmer of hope I’d find something. Like an absolute ray of sunshine (quite literally because she’s just lush), Sophie co-owner of Meat and Greek was so welcoming to my dietary needs and made sure I could really enjoy some authentic Greek street food.

Sophie brought my food to my table personally and explained in detail how all of the gloves were changed, the fryer is only used for gluten free food, the salad was taken fresh from the fridge and everything was prepared safely for me to eat and most importantly enjoy!!

I’ve since eaten in Meat and Greek dozens of times and have never had a single problem with being given gluten by mistake, although, the amount of halloumi fries I’ve eaten is quite frankly embarrassing!

See below my go to completely gluten free meal, which includes the pork souvlaki salad bowl, the oregano fries and the halloumi fries.

What are all of the gluten free options?

● Pork souvlaki salad bowl
● Halloumi salad bowl
● Halloumi fries
● Oregano fries
● Feta fries

Catching up with Sophie co-owner of Meat and Greek

I recently reached out to Sophie to let her know about the blog and she was so enthusiastic to help spread the word about how they prepare their food safely for Coeliacs. Sophie was eager to learn more about Coeliac Disease and really understand the importance of cross contamination – something they’ve been absolutely smashing since day one!

The passion for their business and customer safety radiated and was so lovely to see. I was more than happy to help them to help more people like me enjoy their amazing food!

Together we agreed on the top tips for ordering gluten free at Meat and Greek:

1 – Message ahead (especially if doing takeaway) – Instagram is my go to and their username is @meatandgreek
2 – Pop and say hello on arrival – They’re a lovely, friendly bunch. Let the team know to expect a gluten free order so they can look out for it on the tickets.
3 – Put a note on your order on the Yeollo app – The team will be looking out for this especially if you’ve followed tip 2
4 – When your food is brought to your table, double check that this is gluten free
5 – Enjoy and share on your socials! You never know if there are any other Coeliacs out there in need of some authentic Greek street food!


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