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Guide: Gluten Free at Depot in The Castle 2021

I’ve reached out to all of the caterers at the event and we’ve discussed in detail, the gluten free options they have available and how safe they are for those following a gluten free diet.

For most of us, this will be your first big event since Covid locked us down 18 months ago. I bet you’ve forgotten the stress that comes with finding something suitable to eat at busy events right?

Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to worry about it is whether you’ll be able to eat without getting ill and completely ruining your weekend!

I’ll be attending the event and I’ve done the hard work for you. Now you can enjoy the music, good vibes and great food with your loved ones without the extra stress of your gluten free diet.

Photo: (@depotinthecastle)

It’s important to note that catering for events like this in small kitchens you will almost always be advised of some level of cross contamination risk

The Bearded Taco (@thebeardedtaco)

Gluten free options:
● Let’s Avo Cwtch – Tempura Avocado with an agave and lemon slaw, chipotle aioli and fresh coriander

● The Pork-a-Cola – Mexican slow braised pork with salsa roja, pickled pink onions and fresh coriander

Cross contamination advice:
● The tempura avocado is made with gluten free flour and has it’s own fryer
● Gluten free tortillas are heated in the microwave separate from the gluten containing tortillas
● Separate utensils and regular cleaning to avoid cross contamination but due to kitchen size and the presence of gluten they cannot guarantee there is no risk
● The team have asked that you make them aware that you need a gluten free meal so they can take extra care when preparing your food

Photo: (@themeatingpoint)
The Pork-a-Cola
Photo: (@bradleyhangrybear)
Let’s Avo Cwtch

The Meating Point (@meatingpointuk)

Gluten free options:
● Ask for meat, salad and chips without the pitta bread

Cross contamination advice:
● Not confirmed by the publishing date – Please discuss when ordering

Photo: (@themeatingpoint)
Souvlaki, fries and salad

Keralan Karavan (@keralankaravan)

Gluten free options:
● Ask for their Masala wrap with gluten free bread, the fillings are all safe for Coeliacs
● Their secret Bhajees

Cross contamination advice:
● Separate pans are used for the gluten free options
● The team have asked that you make them aware that you need a gluten free meal so they can take extra care when preparing your food

Photo: (@keralankaravan)
Secret Bhajees

The Fork Society (@the.fork.society)

Gluten free options:
● Steak and fries with chimichurri

Cross contamination advice:
“All our fries are gluten free nothing else goes in the fryer, it’s only the sauce choice that changes whether the dish contains gluten”

Photo: (@the.fork.society)
Steak and fries with chimichurri

Dirty Bird Fried Chicken (@dirtybirdfriedchicken)

Gluten free options:
● Fries and Halloumi

Cross contamination advice:
“Every item we sell has it’s own fryer and there is no cross contamination”

Photo: (@dirtybirdfriedchicken)
Halloumi and Fries options

Fablas (@fablasltd)

Gluten free options:
● Handcrafted, fresh fruit lollies – Completely allergen free! Available in Orange & Lemon, Strawberry and Raspberry & Lime. All made in house using fresh fruit, juices and our own sweet syrups

Cross contamination advice:
“The majority of our ice cream flavours are gluten free. However there could be a slight chance of cross contamination between the cones and the flavours from our scoops, so we cannot be 100% sure”

Photo: (@fablasltd)
Fresh Fruit Lollies

There are a few more caterers at the event but unfortunately I didn’t have chance to confirm whether or not their food is suitable for Coeliacs. If there’s anything else that takes your fancy, don’t be afraid to ask them on the day and if you enjoy tag me on your socials @thesocialcoeliac


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