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The Social Coeliac on BBC Wales

I had an unexpected invite from BBC Wales to discuss the UK shortage of test tubes which has lead to GP’s being advised to ration blood tests.

It was really important for me to highlight the impact that this would have on diagnosing Coeliac disease as well as how essential routine tests are for those already diagnosed.

I was really nervous to accept the invitation as public speaking really isn’t my thing. However, I am very passionate about raising awareness for Coeliac disease and had to put my anxieties aside on this occasion.

With very little time to prepare, these interviews were pretty off the cuff so apologies in advance if anything is a little jumbled!

BBC Wales News at 6pm

This is a snippet from a Zoom interview I did with David Grundy, so this one actually caught me by surprise…

It was only when my family and friends were phoning me that I realised I was on the TV!

If you want to watch the full story I’ve posted this on my socials!


BBC Wales Radio with Gareth Lewis

So the radio interview was a little more nerve wracking, going live on air when public speaking terrifies you was a big hurdle I’m so proud I overcome – even if I did need to pause often and go off track a little!

I knew I’d need a nice, quiet room to do the interview, so my partner and our Lachon Bailey sat in the garden and listened live.

I have to say I did panic a little when the local ice cream van got his 10 seconds of fame between 02:50 – 03:00. A real “can the ground swallow me up?” moment for sure.

We discussed my symptoms pre-diagnosis, the importance of my annual reviews and why I think it is essential that doctor’s are not delaying blood tests for Coeliac diagnosis.

Every day that you leave Coeliac disease undiagnosed and untreated is causing more damage to your body.

Please do not let the test tube shortage or impact of Covid-19 stop you from seeking diagnosis for Coeliac disease.

BBC New Article
So my Zoom interview was initially to get a little write up for the BBC News Article but ended up being shown on TV – How exciting was this to raise awareness for Coeliacs?!

For full details of the article please visit:

I just want to take the time to thank BBC Wales for giving me the opportunity to raise awareness for Coeliac disease.

I really hope that you guys enjoyed following the story!


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