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Giveaway: Bake It Pretty Gluten Free Cupcakes

So I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be running a little giveaway on both my Instagram and Facebook page (@thesocialcoeliac) The winner will receive 6 cupcakes made by the ever so talented @bakeitprettygf – I mean just look how beautiful her cakes are! You guys may or may not remember when I first startedContinue reading “Giveaway: Bake It Pretty Gluten Free Cupcakes”

Guide: Gluten Free at Depot in The Castle 2021

I’ve reached out to all of the caterers at the event and we’ve discussed in detail, the gluten free options they have available and how safe they are for those following a gluten free diet. For most of us, this will be your first big event since Covid locked us down 18 months ago. IContinue reading “Guide: Gluten Free at Depot in The Castle 2021”