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The Birth of The Social Coeliac

So I suppose you’re wondering what all the fuss is about?

Can you really make a blog dedicated to your dietary restrictions?

Are you actually going to mention being gluten free again?

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease back in September 2016. I remember how lost, confused and angry I felt with the world. Why did this happen to me? A self-confessed foodie. My whole world came crashing down. Dramatic? Absolutely. You’ll get to learn that about me.

So how did I go from my lowest point to bringing The Social Coeliac to life?

Experiences. The good, the bad and the very, very ugly (trust me on this one)

From finding the first gluten free alternative to your favourite foods, to being glutened* on date nights, I’ve lived, laughed and cried through them all.

*The accidental ingestion of gluten

I quickly learned to understand and accept living with Coeliac Disease. After all, it’s never going away is it? Once I realised that, I really started to enjoy food and socialising again. I made it my mission to find all of the best gluten free alternatives, as many places as possible to eat out with friends and family and raise as much awareness for the condition as I could.

What can people expect from following The Social Coeliac?

I want to give social freedom back to people restricted by their gluten free diet. Whether that’s recommending the best places to eat out or just how to make safe choices when dining out in a new place.

I’m in the process of collaborating with local restaurants in The Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales to find out how they ensure their food is Coeliac friendly, full of flavour and so good you’ll ask yourself “Is this really gluten free?”

To ensure you don’t miss out on this, please subscribe to the newsletter or follow The Social Coeliac on Facebook and Instagram.

Is it worth subscribing if I’m not local to your area?

Unless you’re planning a nice visit to the land of Gavin and Stacey then the restaurant recommendations may not be relevant to you.

However, as I love to travel and I am partial to the odd city break I would like to feature my top 10 places to eat and drink across the UK and Europe. That’s the dream but everybody’s got to start somewhere!

What would you like to see? My top 10 worst store bought foods? Best advice on getting diagnosed with Coeliac Disease? Let me know below or email


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